A Littles Way Of Spending Love

About 1 in 5 children aged 5 to 11 years have at least one untreated decayed tooth. For a child, dental hygiene habits define the ways they will care for their teeth as adults and hence, increasing the importance of oral healthcare practices.

Hip Hop Littles aspires to bring about the change in the society alongside its fashion endeavors. The brand works its way into oral healthcare and takes the collaborative initiative to reinforce dental healthcare in its collaboration with Comer Children’s Hospital. More than a brand and took an initiative. The University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital (UC CCH) a nationally ranked hospital and a member of the UChicago health system, the only children’s hospital in the system. Hip Hop Littles has played its part by donating Clothing, Sticky notes, Pens, and primarily toothbrushes to make oral healthcare seem less like a tedious task and more of something children could enjoy doing.

A collaboration with Olympia Fields Family Dental is yet another collaborative initiative. The dental office provides high-quality dental care and utilizes the latest dental technology and services to provide. Similarly, American Dental have performed general and specialized dental care to over 150,000 patients. With 20+ years of experience, this dental office has a versatile skill set and has completed thousands of dental procedures across all specialties. Hip Hop Littles collaborations with the hospitals set an enthusiastic spirit to oral hygiene and extends out the essential message to children in the furthest corners of Chicago.

More than anything else, a child’s first line of defense will be proper care and maintenance of their teeth. If they develop bad habits young, those will carry on into adulthood. Hip Hop Littles realizes the need to bring about the change and besides its fashion aesthetic, also actively works to better the world for our children in its own little’s way of spreading love.


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