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About Us

Celebrating Culture and Style

In 2016, Modello, from the rugged streets of Chicago’s south side. At a moment in time, as an underground Hip Hop and R&B artist who’s dreams were to bring culture together. While he was recording, he realized a togetherness was needed with in people who loved the sound, and culture of music. 


What began as an invention for the music in our souls, turned style for expression. Created for leaders in every ethnicity men women, children, and babies. Today’s era unfortunately is promoting violence in our communities starting with bullying within our youth.  Building our youth and unity within our communities will give children the courage to stand up against bullies and be proud of their uniqueness.  These fun musical threads are not just worn as a fashion statement, but to navigate our spirits In happiness. 


We believe in creating outfits for our shoppers that are healthy and hygienically safe to wear. Our clothing line can be worn by children of all age groups as our main goal is to make our brand accessible to everyone. Everyone has the right to explore both style and fun together in a unique manner.



Here at Hip Hop Littles Clothing Co we value family. The outfits created are designed keeping in mind that both culture, and music,  are integrated in one piece of clothing that your entire family, would enjoy in comfort. We ensure that every stitch comes with love, and every garment is shipped with care. 

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